A Complete System Check on Every Call

Prestige Air is committed to the pursuit of excellence in serving you and your family’s heating and cooling needs. One of the ways we do this is to perform a complete system check every time you call us out for a repair or service. 

What is Included?

Below is a list of the items we check on every service call.

– Thermostat Type- 
– Mode of Operation – HEAT / COOL
– Temp split-
– Filter Status- 
        – Type/Size-
– Make- 
– Model #-
– Serial #-
– Age-
– Type-
– Auxiliary Drain Pan-
– Float switch-
– Drain Blow-out Valve-
– Is unit level for draining- 
– Transformer:  
        – Primary Voltage = 
        – Secondary Voltage =
– Evaporator coil condition-
– Blower condition-
– Blower Motor:   
        – RLA-  amps   
        – Rated-  amps
– Blower Capacitor:
        – Rated:  uf
        – Actual:  uf
– Control Board-
– Fan Control Board-
– Heat Exchanger Smoke Test- 
– Heat KW-
– Heat Strip Amps/Continuity-
– Hot Surface Ignitor-
– Flame Sensor
– High Limit Switch
– Roll-out Sensor
– Heater Safety Circuit-
– CO Monitor-  PPM
– Gas Leak Detection- 
– Vent Pipe Secured-
– Surge Protector-

– Ductwork Type-
– Ductwork Sealing-
– Zoning Controls-
     – No. of Zones-

– Make-
– Model #-
– Serial #-
– Age-
– Type- 
– Outdoor Temp- 
– Condenser Pad-
– Electrical Whip-
– Surge Protector-
– Service Disconnect: 
– Volts-
– Amps-
– Inrush Amps-
– Contacter-
– Compressor:  
– RLA-  amps  
– Rated-  amps
        – Megohms- 
– Capacitor: 
– Rating-  uf
– Actual-  uf
– Start Assist-
– Motor:  
– RLA-  amps  
– Rated-  amps
– Capacitor: 
– Rating-  uf
– Actual-  uf
– Condenser Coil-
– Refrigerant: 
– High-  psig   
– Low-  psig   
– SubCool-
– SuperHeat-
        – Compression ratio-
– Armiflex-
– Refrigerant Type:  R410a    R22
– Condenser Cleaned? 

Benefits of A Complete System Check

There are many reasons we do this check on every service call…

First, this gives us a more complete picture as to why you had an issue with your HVAC in the first place. More often than not, when a component fails in your air conditioner or heater its is because of some other issue up stream. If we just change the part out without addressing the issue up stream then the new part will fail as well. Doing this check helps us get a complete view of how your system functions. 

Second, it gives us a record of performance history for your system. We save these records in your file in our computer system. As we come out through the years to service or maintain your air conditioner or heater we have a record of performance we can use to determine which parts are failing, what extra maintenance needs to be done, etc. It also gives us the record of the model and serial numbers in case we need to order parts. 

Third, it helps us determine future failure points so we can prevent breakdowns moving forward. Some people want to wait until a part fails before they replace it. But this means that once the part fails the air conditioner or heater breaks down and is inoperable until a service tech can come, diagnose, order, and replace the part. Others want to prevent breakdowns entirely. This complete system check gives us the ability to prevent many breakdowns before they happen by showing us which parts are failing and giving us the opportunity to recommend replacement. If we replace the parts before they fail the system never breaks down. 

Finally, it give you, the homeowner, peace of mind knowing that we did not just swap out a part and leave. You can rest easy knowing we have gone through the entire system and made the necessary recommendations to keep it running. 

If you experience problems with your heating and cooling call Prestige Air. Our expert service professionals have the training and experience to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape all year long. Call (817) 200-7215 to make sure your heating and cooling are ready for the season!

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