3 Reasons Your Thermostat is Blank

You’re sitting at home and realize it feels kind of warm inside. You walk over to the thermostat to turn the AC on just to find that the thermostat is blank. You push the buttons to see if its in sleep mode or something like that and find that nothing works. It’s just blank. 

Why would the thermostat display be blank?

Here are the three most common reasons. 

First, the Batteries in the Thermostat Died

Some thermostats need batteries, if this is the case you just need to pop the cover off and swap them out. This is the first place we always recommend starting. We get a lot of calls every summer from people thinking they need an AC repair tech to come out and it turns out to be the batteries in the thermostat. So you should start here. 

But what if you take the cover off and your thermostat doesn’t use batteries?

Second, Your Ceiling Saver Float Safety Switch has Activated

Most thermostats no longer need batteries to operate, they get their power from the air handler unit inside your home. Here in Fort Worth, local code requires that we install a ceiling saver float safety switch. This is a switch on the drain line of your air conditioner. You see, your AC unit creates condensation as it operates which it then drains into your home’s plumbing. These drains tend to clog over the years which can cause major issues. If the drains clog and the water backs up into the AC unit the float switch will turn off the air handler which stop the system from creating more condensation. The side effect of the float switch turning off the power to your air conditioner is it also kills the power to your thermostat. 

Unfortunately this isn’t something a homeowner can fix themselves. You’d need to call your local HVAC repair company. What we need to do is disconnect your drains, clean out the clog, reconnect everything, and test the system for proper operation and make sure your drains no longer back up into the system. 

Third, the Air Handler Fuse has Popped

If your thermostat doesn’t take batteries and we come out and the float safety switch isn’t activated then the next issue could be the 3 amp fuse inside the air handler. Every air handler has a 3 amp auto fuse wired in to protect the low voltage controls. A power surge, or low voltage short could cause this fuse to pop, thereby killing power to system and also your thermostat. 

This is also an issue that would require an ac repair technician. In this instance you need a repairman to diagnose both the popped fuse as well as why it popped. If you don’t diagnose why the fuse popped it may just do it again in a few hours or few days.

Don’t Fret the Blank Thermostat

I understand that anytime something goes wrong with your air conditioner or heater that you instantly think it’s going to be a big deal and very expensive to repair, but that isn’t usually the case with this issue. Blank thermostats are usually easy to diagnose and cheap to repair. 

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