How Does It Work Hiring Prestige Air?

We just updated the homepage of our website as well as the “Contact” page on our site to help everyone better understand how it works if you need our help getting your heater or air conditioner repaired.

In this post I want to explain the process a bit further.

Step 1: Give Us A Call

First, you have to give us a call. We don not offer online booking as of now, and this is because we want the opportunity to chat with you about the issue you’re having so we know what to expect when we show up. So for the time being, the first step to Prestige Air is to pick up the phone and give us a call.

When you give us a call we will get you on the schedule at a time that is convenient for you. More often than not we are able to get you on the schedule the same day. We do our absolute best to make sure this can happen because we no how miserable it can be to go without heat or AC for even a single night.

The initial appointment costs $39. This is our service call fee that helps cover the time and fuel needed to come to your house and diagnose the issue. But, this fee is waived if you hire us to make the repairs. If you choose not to hire us after the diagnoses, no worries, you pay the $39 service call fee and we will be on our way.

Step 2: Diagnose

Once we arrive at your home we will take a look at your system and do what we can to diagnose whatever is going on. Once we figure out why your heater or air conditioner isn’t functioning as designed we will come speak with you and give you a quote for the repairs.

At Prestige Air we use flat-rate pricing so you know exactly what you’re expected to pay for the quoted repairs. This way there are no surprises when we finish and request payment.

One thing to keep in mind about HVAC repairs is that sometimes we diagnose an issue, make the repair, and find another issue downstream from the one we just repaired. This is because there are times we cannot test the full system because of what has failed and it is not until we get the repair complete that we can then continue to test the rest of the system. We do our best to let you know when we think this might be the case, but sometimes it isn’t possible.

Either way, our commitment to you is that you know what you’re paying for before you approve the repair to your heating and cooling system.

Step 3: Repair

After you have approved the work we then move on to actually making the repair.

We made the decision to invest the money and purchase, and keep in stock, the most common parts that fail. This means we can usually make the repairs to your system on the same visit so that you have a working heater or air conditioner before we leave your home.

Sometimes the part that has failed is uncommon or proprietary to the manufacturer of that equipment. In that case we will have to go get the part, but can usually do this the same day, or within one business day. It is rare that we need to order a part that will take several days to arrive.

Step 4: Warranty

Finally, once the repairs are complete we get your signature that the work is done, and then we collect payment. Every repair, with few exceptions, comes with a minimum 1-year warranty on parts or labor. I wrote about the importance of warranties in a blog post here.

It is very important to us that you have peace-of-mind that your heating and cooling system will operate consistently if you hire us to make your repairs. So if anything goes wrong with the work we did we will come back and make it right.

We want to remove as much of your risk as possible when you hire us. In our mind it should be an easy and stress-free process to get your HVAC repaired.

*Warranty Exceptions

First, the condition of your system impacts our willingness to warranty the work. If your system is more than 10 years old, in bad shape, visibly not maintained, etc. we may not offer a warranty. This is because as systems age, get dirty, and aren’t maintained the possibility increases that the condition of the system is the cause of the failure. For example, dirt, dust, and organic growth can cause electrical shorts that burn out motors, control boards, or other electrical components. We can replace the parts, get the system up and running, but if those other issues still exist they may cause the part we installed to fail once again, at no fault of our own.

Second, if the system is not set up as designed by the manufacturer we may opt out of offering you a warranty. What I mean by this is, if a tech from another company came out previously (whether it was last week, or 3 years ago), and made some change to the system in the course of his work, and it no longer conforms to the manufacturer’s design, like if an electrical component fails and rather than put the correct component in the system he wires the system differently and adds a completely different component so he doesn’t have to leave and get the correct part, we most likely will not warranty our repairs. At least not until the system is restored to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Another example of this type of issue is when AC technicians bypass safety switches because they can’t figure out why the safety keeps cutting the system off. Switches like high and low pressure sensors, high temperature cut-off switches, etc.

All of these substandard repairs not only put the system at risk for continued failure, they also put you, your family, and your home at risk for catastrophic failure.

Rest assured, if we find these conditions we will let you know, but as I said, until this is resolved we will not warranty our work. The potential that this previous substandard work can cause our repairs to fail is too high and we are not willing to take on that risk.

You should also know, these examples are very rare, but I wanted to be up-front about how our warranty works. Our goal is that you feel comfortable hiring us and knowing that you will get top quality repairs and that if anything goes wrong we will stand behind our work.

As Simple As 1+1

Hiring Prestige Air should be incredibly simple, as simple as 1+1. Your system fails + you call Prestige Air, then everything goes back to normal so you can live your life in comfort.

  • You speak with a real person to schedule your call
  • We can usually come out the same day
  • You know the cost of the repair before you approve it
  • We can usually make the repair on the same visit
  • You get a minimum 1-year warranty on the parts and labor

That’s about as simple as it can get.

Choose Prestige Air to Keep Your HVAC Running Optimally

If you experience problems with your heating and cooling call Prestige Air. Our expert service professionals have the training and experience to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape all year long. Call (817) 200-7215 to make sure your heating and cooling are ready for the season!

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